Last Meeting 1st April 2015

Matters discussed at last meeting

Last Meeting 1st April 2015

Postby Col » Thu Apr 02, 2015 5:26 pm

Birchwood Lane Allotment Association
Minutes of Meeting held at Birchwood Lane Methodist Church
Wednesday 1st April at 7.30pm.

Carol Hopkinson, Mervin Wilding, Steve Evans

New Secretary.
We still require a new Secretary; no-one having come forward. Col will carry on as Secretary and Treasurer in the interim. New Secretary must be: -
• Computer Literate.
• Have good letter writing skills.
• Able to spell and punctuate correctly.
• Able to work as a team member.
• Able to liaise with people outside of the Association.
• We have a job description available.

Eco Toilets Update.
Charlie gave an update on the new proposed toilets. One is to be placed in the Lower Orchard and one at the bottom of E plots. Whole project should cost less than £3000. We shall be building the toilets ourselves.
Old toilets have been emptied and the one near the Selling Shed has been moved from under the Selling Shed roof to stop it filling with rainwater. Pete Lane is looking at the pump on toilet at bottom of C8 plot. An update will be posted on our web site

The committee asked Tony to compile an update to our Poultry Rules concerning the way poultry keepers house and look after their fowls with regard to Vermin. There was a vote in favour of adding these rules to our Chicken Policy.

Watering Troughs.
We have bought three new water troughs for the Allotments. The stone troughs require replacing. We will try to get CS to remove the old ones and install the new ones.

Cart Track.
We have had several complaints regarding the state of the Cart Track due to vans and 4x4’s being driven on it, and churning up the grass/mud. Can people not use it unless when absolutely necessary, when it is wet and muddy.

Drainage around A5-A6 and C3-C4 plots.
We intend to get CS to dig a soak away at both points and drain the water to it.

Children’s Competitions for 2015.
We are running the Children’s Sunflower Competition again this year. All children and grandchildren under 12 may compete to grow the sunflower with the largest diameter flower. On a tie, the tallest one will be the winner. All entrants get 5 seeds; the plants must be grown on the Allotments. See Tony at Selling Shed for seeds.
We managed to get Somercotes Parish Council to run a children’s competition as part of the Jim Spibey Competition. All children are allowed up to 3 square metres of garden, in which to grow flowers and vegetables as they think fit. First prize is £25, second is £15, and third is £10. All participants will receive a prize. Please inform Mark or Col if your children want to take part. Contact details on website.

Open Day.
We will be having an open day again this year due to last year’s success. Charlie is organising it. Sunday 16th August was agreed on as it will fall within National Allotment Week. Anyone with any idea’s or offers of help, please contact Charlie

Siting of Pats Bench.
Jane and Tony Waring asked if Pats Bench could be sited on one of their plots, with all members having access. A vote was taken and it was agreed that the bench could be sited there.

We are now selling Clinic Ace weedkiller from the Selling Shed, 350ml for £4 (enough to make 10 Litres of spray).

One of our plot holders has covered his plot with Cardboard, which has been blowing all over the allotments. As well as not being pleasing to the eye, this method of covering ground is not easily held down and can become a nuisance to other plot holders when blown about.

We have received numerous complaints about dogs being brought onto the allotments, and allowed to run off the lead. It is stated in your agreement that dogs must be kept on a lead at all times when on the allotments, unless within a fenced off plot.

It was suggested that we offer a plot to CS, which they can tend and donate vegetables to local food banks etc. A vote was held and carried.

A big thank you to all who attended the meeting.

Treasurer/Acting Secretary
Birchwood Lane Allotment Association
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Birchwood Lane Allotment Association
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