Why have an allotment?

Here, at Birchwood Lane, we welcome the arrival of the new growing season, may it be a bountiful one. Crops planted at the end of last season should be starting to increase in size, and this years early crops will soon be sown, after the land dries up a bit!
Home grown vegetables have a fresher taste than any bought from a supermarket. The best example of this has to be asparagus, like most vegetables, from the time of picking; its sugar is slowly turned into starch. The quicker you eat it, the better it tastes!
Fresh asparagus tastes nothing like that rubbish sold in supermarkets which probably has a couple of hundred food miles, a stay at the distribution centre, then more food miles before you buy it. Some has come from South America and Africa!
Freshly dug new potatoes have a taste and smell of their own, and are easy to scrape.
Freshly picked runner and dwarf beans cannot be bettered for tenderness, sweetness and taste, and what about fresh newly picked peas? wow!
You can grow by organic principles, ensuring your produce is free from insecticides or growth hormones. You control its growth regime.
You can plant your own fruit trees and soft fruit bushes, grow your own strawberries.

Some plot holders also keep chickens and ducks, for fresh eggs. We also allow bee keeping.
General allotment duties can help your fitness regime, being outside in the fresh air, in a tranquil environment, can pick you up, both physically and mentally.

What ever your reason, you will find an allotment plot rewarding and fulfilling, so apply for one now! go to the Rent an allotment page for details.

Latest News

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